Saturday, 01 Oct 2022

Discovering the Unique World of Argentinean Gastronomy

Argentinean gastronomy is something fundamental for tourism, especially now, post-pandemic. People choose gastronomy and leisure and enjoy these experiences as a feeling of well-being.

Discovering the Unique World of Argentinean Gastronomy

Argentine cuisine has its origins in the culinary traditions of the pre-Columbian Andean and Guarani civilizations, with later contributions from colonial gastronomy and significant influences from Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Beef is the main protagonist of Argentine cuisine and is accompanied by various salads, potatoes, and rice.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes have been widely used since pre-Columbian times, especially as side dishes. These vegetables are commonly consumed in mashed form, although they are also prepared fried, baked, and even grilled, wrapped in aluminum foil. Other vegetables widely used in the gastronomy of Argentina are tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and onions, mainly served in salads.

In Argentina's gastronomy, dairy products have a significant influence, so it is common to find many preparations made with milk and its derivatives. Cheese is widely used, and there are eight types of cheeses typical of the country. Another dairy product commonly used in local pastries and desserts is dulce de leche, a regional product that is a must in most of the country's delicacies.

Condiments are also widely used in Argentine cuisine. The most used spices are pepper, hot chili, cumin, and herbs, consumed fresh and dehydrated. They are widely used as flavorings in the country's typical preparations.

Yanina Martinez, Argentina's Secretary of Tourism Promotion, highlighted the work of the Country Brand during the presentation of the II Edition Binómico Congreso Gastronómico Iberoamericano. At this event, Argentina will be the guest country, and that will take place from October 24-26, 2022.

"Country Brand is to go out to the world to tell about the richness, the positive attributes that Argentina has, its culture, science, technology, innovation and everything that represents local talent, which is very important and we have to feel proud of it," said the official.

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